The Basics Of Silverfish Bug Bites & Pest Control

Silverfish are among the most hated and most feared of common household pests. They are most active at night and sometimes can be seen scampering quickly across the floor at a surprisingly fast speed. They are about a half inch long and have flat bodies. They have long, wispy legs and antennae, and they are usually wider at the head and tape towards their rear. Even though they are so small, their creepy walk and amazing speed makes them very frightening to some people. As pests, they are also filthy and contaminate food storage areas. You can gain silverfish control by follow a few different steps to keep them out of your home.

Like many pests, the silverfish control can be hard if you have a lot of food storage in panties or in basements. You will have to make sure that all areas of your house do not have any loose food, and be sure to vacuum regularly. Just having a lot of crumbs will attract all sorts of pests, like ants and especially silverfish. If you have dog or cat food, or bird seed, you will need to make sure you have a sealed bin that insects can not chew through. A thick plastic container can help this. Make sure the lid is always sealed. You also have to be extra cautious for the Silverfish bite.

Your kitchen can have a lot of food that will be damaged by silverfish. For silverfish control, you will have to make sure each and every bit of food is covered and sealed. The sugar, flour, oatmeal, and grains should be placed in appropriate containers. A nice glass container will look good in your kitchen and you will be able to keep it sealed so no pests get in. Even a plastic bag or paper bag will not keep the pests out. Many of them can chew through, especially moths. Make sure that everyone keeps all of the containers closed. Cereal boxes are a favorite place for these pests, and many of them lay eggs in them. Place all of your cereal in a plastic, glass, or metal container that they will not be able to crawl into.

When you do find a place in your home that has been invaded by pests, for silverfish control you need to disinfect or throw away whatever has been contaminated. If you have a box of cereal with silverfish in it, you have to throw away the whole thing. You can risk becoming ill or someone in your family getting ill if you do not throw away any infested food. You should also wipe down your pantries and cabinets with disinfecting wipes that will kill all of the germs that the insects have left behind. The absence of Silverfish bites should be a good indicator your plan has worked.

Once you have disinfected or thrown away anything that the silverfish have touched, you can create silverfish control by using pesticides or bait traps or powders if you still feel as though you have not completely gotten rid of them. You can also use a dehumidifier because they love moisture. Just a few changes can help you with silverfish control.
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