Exterminating Silverfish Effectively

Silverfish extermination is for households with problems with these creepy, crawly pests. You might find them once in a while gliding over the carpet at amazing speeds, but if you are finding just too many of them, there are some preventive measures you can take before you consider extermination. Using chemicals might be a last resort if you find that your house has just too many, but otherwise, you might just be able to solve your problem with a few things you can do yourself. Silverfish are unsanitary and can get into food as well as destroy books or clothes. There is almost nothing in your house that they will not eat.
To help sort out your problem for silverfish extermination, you will want to make sure you realize the source of your problem first. There are usually areas in your house that will have the most food for a silverfish, and many of them will stay in this one area. This might be in your cabinets where you keep your food, in a damp basement, or in a bookshelf. These are the places that you will want to seal up the cracks and possibly leave bait and traps. You might also want to make sure there are no dead animals in the area, especially if your problem seems to be coming for a chimney, because it is common for dead birds to get caught there and attract vermin.

Silverfish extermination does start with finding out where they are coming from, and you will also be able to find their eggs and the skin they shed. Silverfish can live up to eight years, and they will reproduce up to twice a year. So it is crucial to exterminate them if you feel they are becoming a problem. They can be a problem in libraries because they love the glue that binds books. If you have valuable books, you should keep them sealed in a place where insects can not get to them.

When silverfish inhabit places like basements, it is most likely because they really like moist places. You can solve this problem by making sure there is no excess moisture, especially in basements. A dehumidifier can help with this. Silverfish are often found over carpets, and you should be sure to vacuum every day if possible. This will keep crumbs off, and it might help get rid of some of the eggs, if possible. When you do find a silverfish, it is better to do silverfish extermination and kill it than take it outside. If you take a silverfish outside, it might just get back into the house.

The best preventive measure you have is to seal up any cracks you might have leading into the house. This will also help you eliminate drafts so you can save on heating. You can not always keep nature out of your house, but it is the best you can do for silverfish extermination. If worst comes to worst, you will have to call a professional exterminator to get rid of the silverfish on a grand scale.
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